Japanese Andon Style Candle Lanterns

Andonsline Candle Lanterns are our most popular item. They are 260mm high by 170mm square (~10 3/8" x ~6 1/2"), made from plantation grown pine and papered with Tough Top Ace shoji paper.

The soft flickering light from a votive candle in our Japanese style candle lanterns provide a warm soft ambience to any setting and they are great for twilight or after dark barbecues where they can be placed on a table outdoors without fear of the candle being blown out or the lantern being blown over.

At present we only sell our assembled candle lanterns at markets. However, we also sell these lanterns as ready to assemble kits. You can find out more about Andonsline's Japanese style candle lantern kits on our candle lantern kits page.


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