Japanese Andon Style Candle Lantern Kits

  • Video showing Amdonsline Candle Lantern assembly and with burning candle inside.

With our lantern kits you can have the enjoyment and satisfaction of constructing your own wood framed Japanese andon style candle lantern.

Our kits come flat packed with seasoned plantation grown pine pieces pre-cut and pre-assembled, four pre-cut sheets of Tough Top Ace shoji paper and sand paper. There are no nails or screws required and all you need to provide is PVA craft glue, paint or other finish of your choice and time.

We pre-fit the four lantern panels individually before shipping to ensure that all you have to do is take them apart, finish sand and then glue them back together.

The top right image links to a brief video showing how the candle lantern is assembled. The four page detailed instructions (pictured above) for building your own Japanese andon style candle lantern are available in .pdf format here.


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