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Japanese Style Lanterns and Lamp Shades

Our Japanese lanterns and lamp shades look great in a variety of decors. The gentle flickering of light from either our custom made LED circuit in our japanese style table lantern or a candle in our Japanese style candle lantern will enhance the ambience of any room and our Japanese andon style lamp shades allow the soft diffusion of light through the lamp shade panels and not just out the top and bottom.

Lanterns and lampshades are made from renewable plantation grown pine and finished with tinted shellac. We use only "Tough Top Ace" shoji paper for our lanterns. Tough Top Ace is tear, stain and moisture resistant to give you years of enjoyment from your lantern or lampshade.

Traditional wood framed Japanese lanterns are called andon. If you want to learn more about andon have a look at our About Andon page.

Andonsline isn't just about Japanese Lanterns. Have a look at our Pressure Point Massage Tools and we will soon be puting up a page about our stools and seiza benches.


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